Solar for your Home

A residential solar energy system will cut or eliminate a home and business owner’s electric bill. With electric costs rising more than the rate of inflation, a solar panel system generates value today and security for tomorrow.

SLI’s team of experts maximizes your long-term savings by providing industry leading equipment and financing options to fit your needs. Flexible financing options allow you to lease or own your solar system, with little or no money down. Our panels are from industry leading manufacturers with production guarantees and full warranties. SLI conducts a 5-step process to insure the homeowner is fitted with the right system:

How Solar Works

  • Solar Array

    Solar Array – Solar Panels are mounted on your roof and use photovoltaic cells to convert sunshine into DC electricity

  • Inverter

    The inverter converts the DC electricity produced by your solar array indo usable AC electricity for your home.

  • Switch Board

    Distributes the electricity throughout your home to power your lights, a/c, and anything else that runs off electricity.

  • Net Meter

    With net metering, the electricity that you don’t use gets fed back into the grid. This spins your meter backwards.

  • Utility Grid

    The excess electricity your solar array produces is bought back by the utility company which will ruduce your electric bill and in some cases make you money.