Solar for your Business

Given a choice between utility electricity and solar electricity, conventional wisdom suggests that you go with whichever option or combination of options yields the most energy at the lowest price. Our team of experts will guide you through this process and provide all the relevant information to conduct this analysis from installation, equipment, energy production, tax incentives, and maintenance over the expected life span of your system. SLI is here to help you make a thorough assessment, allowing you to determine whether or not a solar installation is the right choice for your facility after a full analysis of total benefit and total cost.

The Federal Government currently offers an Investment Tax Credit equal to 30% of the cost of a solar electric system. In addition, generous state and city incentives may also be available that further reduce the cost of a solar system. Bottom line, Federal, State and local incentives can be 50% or more of the total solar system’s cost all the while decreasing ones dependence on the local electric company.

Financing Options for Commercial


  • $0 Down
  • Custom term -> cash positive
  • Custom payments -> cash positive
  • NO Building Lien
  • NO Prepayment Penalty
  • Fast, No-Hassle Credit Approval


  • $0 Down
  • Pay Only for Electricity Produced
  • Annual Purchase Options Yr 6+
  • Free Removal at End of Term
  • No SNDA or Roof Lease Required
  • Fast, No-Hassle Credit Approval

Credit Approval Guidlines

Financing Requirements: For-Profit Businesses

  • 5+ years in business
  • 3+ years of profitability
  • <4:1 debt to equity (25% equity)
  • Own building or long-term lease
  • Owner must co-sign if revenue/assets are <$5 to 10M

Financing Requirements: Non-Profit

  • 8+ years in existence
  • Low leverage
  • Growing unrestricted net assets
  • Own building or long-term lease